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OmniDisplay Software Summary Features Integrated Media Layout Editor and Media Player IPTV approach to single stream content composition AV over IP Network Management Interoperability with video wall management software Single stream input to media servers Real-time Windows ‘Application Frames’ Playlists and Schedules Aggregated RSS News Feeds Integration with Reuters and Bloomberg Data Services Sky News, BBC News & Bloomberg TV Vertically rotating message bars Horizontal and Vertical scrolling tickers (OmniTicker) RSS data feed management (OmniRSS)
OmniDisplay Real-Time Communications OmniDisplay is an intuitive easy to use communications platform. It composes and streams live real-time information from multiple external and internal sources to any Video Display, LED Displays, LED Tickers, Video Walls, Smart TVs, in fact any Windows devices. Bring together, welcome messages, videos, news channels; Sky, BBC, Bloomberg, together with RSS data feeds and company information in a single integrated display. Anywhere, Anytime, receptions, open plan offices, business centres, conference rooms and centres, walkways, retail outlets and exhibitions; just about anywhere there is an audience that will benefit and appreciate relevant real-time information being presented to them. Software User Reference Guides There are three user reference guides, each provides an overview of the software and its capabilities. OmniDisplay Real-time Communications Platform OmniTicker The Iconic Scrolling Ticker OmniRSS RSS Data Feed Manager Content-as-a-Service Initiostar offers content design and installation services based on OmniDisplay Templates alongside consultancy services to assist with delivery and maintenance of users chosen display content layouts. User templates can be stored locally on-premise or remotely maintained and updated by Initiostar at the user’s chosen cloud storage.
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OmniDisplay OmniTicker and OmniRSS are intuitive digital media applications that allow a user to extract, aggregate, compose and publish live real-time information to multiple displays. OmniDisplay has a truly intuitive WYSIWYG Media Layout Designer that allows the user to drag and drop content onto a layout; media items can include text, graphics, websites, live and pre-recorded videos, live streaming from video cameras and internally sourced data. Media objects are created using simple layout tools and dropped onto the layout. They can be moved and resized using standard drag and drop functions, akin to many website development applications. OmniDisplay Summary Features Integrated Media Layout Editor and Media Player IPTV single stream content composition Integrates with Video Wall software Single stream input to media servers Real-time Windows application frames Playlists and Schedules Aggregated News Feeds Integration with Reuters & Bloomberg Services Sky News, BBC News & Bloomberg TV Horizontal and vertical scrolling tickers Vertically Scrolling data feeds Supports 1-2-1 pixel mapping without scaling Software User Guides All software applications are provided with comprehensive User Guides and demonstration templates. A Software Support Helpline is accessible to answer any setup and runtime enquires. Software Installation Two options are available; OmniTicker (includes OmniRSS) and OmniDisplay (includes OmniTicker and OmniRSS). OmniDisplay, OmniTicker and OmniRSS are supported on a Microsoft Windows 10.
OmniDisplay Real-Time Communications Platform