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November 2017
OmniRSS User Guide
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OmniRSS   is   an   RSS   feed   manager   that   retrieves   data   from   any   available   RSS   feeds.   It   includes   a Twitter   API    to    manage    Twitter    feeds.    OmniRSS    is    provided    with    OmniTicker    and    OmniDisplay allowing the publication of selected real-time data to tickers and video displays.

System Requirements and Installation

OmniRSS   can   be   installed   on   any   Windows   10   desktop;   it   requires   an   internet   connection.   It   is automatically   installed   with   OmniTicker   or   OmniDisplay;   it   is   automatically   started   when   running OmniDisplay or OmniTicker. In standalone mode OmniRSS is run from the start menu.

Settings - Auto-Network Setup

Under Settings, OmniRSS defaults port of 5004; if required it can be changed by a user by entering the preferred port. OmniRSS user files (.txt) are saved to a default path: Documents\OmniApps\OmniRSS. Alternatively, they can be saved to a user defined feed folders. A   user   has   the   option   for   proxy   settings   (in   some   cases   to   reside   outside   a   firewall)   and   these   can   be set   also   in   the   Settings   panel. There   is   an   option   to   enable Twitter   feeds;   when   checked   a   user   will   be asked to provide their Twitter name and password to allow authentication.
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Application Status

This is viewed from the ‘Status’ tab and will identify those applications that are attached to OmniRSS. In they event or any connection errors, they will appear in this log along with the other messages. When   OmniTicker   and   OmniDisplay   start,   this   tab   will show the live connections. Setting up an RSS Feed Select   the   user   chosen   RSS   Feeds   by   entering   the   URL,   or   copy   and   paste   from   source.   Test   will show headlines, select the update interval and maximum lines to be stored and Save. NOTE:   The   WWW   tab,   previously   used   as   an API   link   to Yahoo   Finance   has   been   disabled,   as Yahoo no   longer   provide   this   service.   Financial   data,   available   from   other   providers   (including   Reuters   and Bloomberg)   is   accessed   through   the   provision   of   an   Excel   spreadsheet   linked   to   those   providers.   This ensures there is no direct unlicensed access to any third party service providers through OmniRSS.
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Twitter is optionally enabled from the Settings tab. This adds a Twitter tab to the OmniRSS menu. The   use   of   Twitter   is   enabled   through   a   third   party   plugin   embedded   within   OmniRSS.   The   plug-in offers   much   of   same   functionality   a   user   would   access   directly   through   their   Twitter   account,   with     Authentication through a user’s Twitter name and password. Set   the   required   interval   to   retrieve   messages,   the   maximum   number   of   messages   to   retrieve,   check active and Save state.

Administrator Notes

OmniRSS    places    the    preloaded    ‘OmniRSS.ini’    file    along    with    the    program    files    and    two/    three additional ‘.ini’ files. When   enabled,   the   twitter.ini   file   holds   the   authentication   token   allowing   the   embedded   Twitter   plugin to access a user’s Twitter account. These files must not be changed by the user.