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OmniTicker winning new plaudits
OmniTicker has attracted significant interest in 2019; probably the de facto choice for tickers where the requirement is for real-time aggregated data feeds. Data integration is paramount; it provides the opportunity to compose and sort multiple streams of data from internal and external sources. Our success reflects the capability to seamlessly stream integrated data that includes sports, news and finance, including finance feeds from Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg and Google. OmniTicker can be integrated with Video Walls or provided as a stand-alone application delivering the iconic scrolling ticker for any size video or LED display. Just put OmniTicker through its paces and it will show you the way.
Content-as-a-Service decoded
Visually effective communication is more about an affinity with the organisation that wants to deliver their message and information, than it is about technology to achieve its delivery. With nearly four decades of marketing experience behind us, success stems from our capability to understand and contribute to the visual composition of messages, information and data, wherever it originates from.
What’s different about OmniDisplay? Composition: an extensive capability to aggregate, compose, order and integrate data from multiple internal and external sources to create a single high-resolution multimedia image for each display. And then to publish that image in native pixel resolution, without the need for any scaling. 4K content is published in 4K resolution.
OmniDisplay goes green in March with the latest application for monitoring packaging of frozen foods across multiple production lines. The communications challenge: to provide production managers with visual statistics on cases packed and tonnes delivered across all lines. OmniDisplay accepts incoming data from the company’s production lines, aggregates, composes and displays that information in real-time with management statistics through ‘Line Playlists’ displayed on high resolution video panels around the plant. The OmniDisplay application includes corporate real-time information updates integrated into ‘Line Playlists’, thereby creating a real-time multi-purpose visual management dashboard. Great example of OmniDisplay’s data composition and integration capabilities in action.
Digital Wallboards for Serviced Offices
Companies using serviced offices could benefit significantly from the opportunity to create an immediate presence for their clients as they enter a main reception or foyer. With our Content-as-a-Service proposition, company playlists, presentations and videos, can bring-to-life those companies at the point of reception, as well as bring visiting clients and employees up-to-date with the latest news.
Latest Control Room displays
Pub TV Coming to Your Local
Menus, Events and Local promotions combine with news and support to create a rich-content stream of information.